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Bright Knowledge Instants are short tutorials that give you one thing you can do right now to move ahead in your creativity.

Do you ever feel like your motivation for your art ebbs and flows?

Motivation is a huge topic for creatives, and it’s often discussed in terms of not having enough motivation.

Part of the problem is in the way we usually learn about motivation. We base our motivation on external factors or external expectations that don’t really have anything to do with our true heart’s calling, and that backfires.

Our true heart’s calling is where the true motivation lies. It is a resource that actually never runs out.

So how do we know what our true heart’s calling is?


Ways to access what your real heart’s calling is today.


It can be really exciting to create a To Do List and we think it will help with our motivation, but it backfires. Oftentimes by around day four or five that To Do List looks oppressive and the next thing you know we find reasons why there’s something wrong with it, it’s not perfect, it’s not the right vibe today. That really kills our motivation.

And then on top of that we start feeling bad about ourselves for not following through on this To Do List.

Sound familiar?

Where your true motivation comes from…
The problem is a To Do List is really just a list of instructions. It is not anything to do with your true calling regarding your art.

And that is where your true motivation comes from.

Great creatives work from the inside out.

Great creatives know what their greatest calling, purpose or mission is. These terms can be used interchangeably.

But how do they know it?

Let’s find out how to get to the heart of that true motivation…


When you’re looking for your true calling, your mission, your purpose, the quickest way to access this is to go back to your original reasons for being called to the art form that you do. So for example, for me, that would be going back to piano, my original instrument (one that I still loved today) and remembering those magical feelings I got when I first started. I felt like I was entering a magical world!

When you explore those feelings, within them there will be encoded all kinds of clues as to what your true calling is and therefore what your true motivation is.

Step 1. Get a pen or paper, or write on your computer or laptop device.

Step 2. Start writing completely free-form, stream of consciousness, all those memories of your original reasons for being called to your art. Let them flood out, let them be as visceral as possible.

Step 3. Re-read what you’ve written and see what themes pop out because there will likely be some threads running through the entire thing that will give you the clue as to what your true purpose is.

For me even when I was a small child at the age of 8 taking up piano I felt like I was entering a magical world and it felt like a world that was true.

But what I was really feeling was I was coming back to my true self and that has always been my true calling and purpose with music.

Whether I’m teaching, performing or composing, my calling is to come back to that essential part of myself and therefore encourage that to happen for everybody else as well.

You probably won’t get your calling down to something that specific immediately, but don’t worry, it’s no rush. What you want to do though is start boiling it down to where it’s almost like a mantra for you. It’s a mission statement or perhaps a prayer.

Boil down your calling to something that you could actually write on a piece of paper and keep on your music stand to remind you what that calling is.

A word about other people’s agendas


This is for your eyes only. Remember nobody else is going to read this.

A huge amount of the problem with motivations we get hooked up in other people’s agendas or desires or even what we think are their agendas or desires. This is only for you. So even if it sounds like the craziest thing I want you to write it down, if that’s what your true feeling is, what that connection is.

Why do this?


Whenever you’re feeling your motivation flagging, recall your purpose, your mission, your calling. It will give you that inspiration, that intense emotion and that reason to do what you want to do, rather than looking again for external forces to make you do it.

Internal motivation is what we’re looking for here.

This is something you could do on a daily basis to just keep a focus on and maintain your motivation for your art.

Recall your purpose. Remember your original reasons for coming to music. Write them down, stream of consciousness, unedited, FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, and notice what themes emerge.

When you come back to yourself, your true motivations, your true calling, it is a beautiful thing.

Do it now. Give yourself a quick time limit of 15 minutes or so, just to get started so you don’t feel overwhelmed and.

Take it from there and I hope you get so much out of it by.

Let me know in the comments what your true calling is!

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