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BKG - About


The joy of learning and creating: so clear on this smile from my first day of school. This joy is the Bright Knowledge.

What the photo doesn’t show is the heroic effort my mum made to get me into that uniform. My weeks-long holdout of not speaking to anyone at school in silent protest of the rigid schedule, assignments, rules. A surprising start for someone who has now made learning and teaching her life.

Walking between worlds

Perhaps you also march to your own drum. Perhaps you don’t fit comfortably into a cookie-cutter mold or pre-set path. As a teacher for over three decades (I first taught my baby-sitter to play Fur Elise at age 10), I’ve found very few people thrive in a one-dimensional system. Yet you love learning and the magical world it opens for you! Bright Knowledge Guild is the place for you.

Learn Skill + Magic

At BKG we learn how to learn (practice) and perform with power. All while staying in touch with our deepest reasons for making art, our true self.

These are the real keys to motivation, progress and creativity: skill + magic

Mastering the secrets of both worlds

BKG walks between worlds. We believe that to be truly creative, we must marry the practical and intuitive, the active and receptive. They are two sides of the same coin. Many people get stuck on one side or the other – all rational technique, or all dreamy visioning. To truly manifest your art with universal power, you need both sides, the yin and the yang.

This is what we learn in BKG

How do we do this?

I grew up all over the world and still have the travel bug. This has exposed me to many forms of learning and being. Yes, I can function in academia (MM Piano Performance, PhD Music Theory), but you’re just as likely to hear me improvising with a world music group in a temple.

I went to schools of almost every stripe you can imagine, and taught in many others.

And just living day-to-day, I picked up so much of the ethos of each amazing place.

I’ve distilled the constants I found throughout all these worlds, and brought them together here in BKG.

This distillation was especially important for me because I lost it all at one point. I suffered from terrible performance anxiety, and gave up music for years. But I missed music so much that I went on an epic journey to come back to it. BKG is the result of that long journey.

Everything you learn at BKG is what relieved me from that suffering. I know that if you are stuck or afraid or just feeling confused and directionless, BKG can help you as it helped me. By knowing your true calling in your art, by learning how to REALLY learn, and to practice performance as a sacred act, you become The Bright Knowledge. Let’s get started!.